Marlins Park

This major league ballpark at the former site of the Orange Bowl in downtown Miami is the home of the Miami Marlins. Hunt/Moss, a joint venture, completed the ballpark in 33 months.

The ballpark features a three-panel operable roof system, composed of 11,000 pieces of steel and weighing approximately 7,500 tons. When closed, the roof covers the playing field, shielding spectators from the sun and rain. When the roof and outfield wall are retracted, the interior space transforms into an open-air ball park. The retracted roof creates a shaded area over a grand plaza and an entertainment entry district.

The left field operable wall is a feature unlike any other in Major League Baseball. Six glass wall panels, towering at 60 feet tall by 40 feet wide, open to create a 240-foot view overlooking downtown Miami’s spectacular skyline. Depending on weather conditions, the operable wall may open in conjunction with the operable roof or remain open when the roof is closed.

Project Features

  • 928,000 square feet of space
  • Natural grass playing surface
  • Seating capacity for 37,442, including VIP suites
  • First retractable roof facility in the world to earn LEED® Gold Certification
  • Twin saltwater aquariums, each holding 450 gallons of water, that form the wall behind home plate
  • Hurricane-proof glass windows
  • Swimming pool