Chad Moss

Executive Vice President
Chad Moss

As Executive Vice President, Chad manages multiple accounts, business development, client strategy, new project pursuits, public relations, and community initiatives. He is a prominent ambassador for Moss & Associates and is known for building strong relationships throughout the South Florida construction field and in the community as a whole. He is an effective and passionate advocate for building sustainability, new technology, and mentoring in the industry.

Chad co-founded family-owned-and-operated Moss & Associates after he began his 20-year career in operations. Chad has been active in some of Moss’s most prominent signature projects, including the Miami Marlins Park, opened in 2012, and the groundbreaking 620-bed Parkview Hall at his alma mater, Florida International University, opened in August 2013. He is also instrumental in the family’s donation of $250,000 to FIU in 2013 for a construction laboratory to achieve cost- and time-saving practices that have made Moss & Associates an industry leader.

Chad serves as President of the Moss Foundation, a non-profit organization established to provide a platform for the community initiatives and partnerships Moss is involved with. The Foundation supports and offers assistance to other non-profit organizations and community partners, promoting the premise that Moss isn’t just about building structures, we are helping to build communities.

A self-described “people person,” Chad enjoys bringing people together to create significant projects. More broadly, he enjoys mentoring others, advancing education, and giving back to the community. He follows and embraces changing technologies to promote greater efficiency, better building, and sustainability. Chad is prominent in the community at many levels. A longtime champion of FIU, he is a member of the FIU Foundation board of directors and of the university’s Moss School of Construction, Infrastructure, and Sustainability Industry Advisory Council. He is a director of HANDY, a Broward County nonprofit that provides more than 1,300 at-risk children with comprehensive programs focusing on education, youth development, and economic self-sufficiency, and has been named a “HANDY Hero.”

Chad earned a B.S. in construction management from Florida International University.

Mission Statement

“Be a giver, and always stay curious. Wherever you are in life, get in there, be available, be focused, ask lots of questions, learn, and put your knowledge to work. Good things will come back.”