Dick Slater

Vice President/Project Executive
Dick Slater
As Vice President/Project Executive, Dick oversees all items related to construction operations. His career has included experience in domestic and international construction projects of both industrial and commercial facilities. His wide range of experience includes multi-family residential, government and security, technology, hospitality, airport and seaport, roads and bridges, educational, hospital, and office projects. He has extensive experience with a variety of procurement and delivery methods, including Competitive Lump Sum, CM as Agent, CM at Risk, and Design/Build.

Dick received his Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from Vanderbilt University. He is a certified general contractor in Florida. He has been an active member of the Construction Association of South Florida (CASF) and Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC).

Mission Statement

“You have to always strive to achieve the proper balance between your career and your personal life. The Moss culture provides an environment that enables you to excel in your career and look forward to going to work each day. That’s pretty significant. The key to keeping the balance is to give the same level of commitment to your family, where you also look forward to going home each day, and they look forward to seeing you. It sounds pretty simple, but it’s not much more complicated than that.”