Sasha Seco-Alvarez

Vice President
Sasha Seco-Alvarez
As Vice President, Sasha provides strategic direction for the innovation, development and implementation of business applications, intelligence, processes, and other business initiatives to support growth. Sasha got her start in the construction and engineering industry as primary qualifier of her father’s structural shell company, managing various projects of complexity and size, and today has more than twenty years of experience, as a recognized leader in the construction IT field. She joined Moss in 2005 as a project engineer, to manage multiple construction projects and went on to lead the company’s 2010 legacy database migration. This allowed her to use her technical construction experience and leadership skills with her passion for building smarter through technology.

Sasha earned a Bachelor and a Master of Science in Construction Management from Florida International University and is a licensed general contractor in Florida. She also has an Executive Master of Business Administration degree with Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Sasha holds leadership positions in several business organizations such as Moss Foundation and Florida International University.

Mission Statement

Help others find their passion in life, and you will find purpose in yours. Believe in people until they can believe in themselves. Life is what you make of it, seek opportunities, own your journey, and live beyond your wildest dreams.