Construction Management-at-Risk


Construction Management-at-Risk (CM-at-Risk) is a proven and successful business relationship in which we collaborate with project owners and architects during all aspects of the job. This allows owners to take advantage of our expertise from project inception to closeout as we avoid unnecessary costs, stay on schedule and reduce red tape. With this professional approach, we use our experience and creativity to better situate an owner’s interests rather than a more traditional arrangement such as the design-bid-build method.

CM-at-Risk centralizes responsibility for construction under a single contract to deliver the project at or under a bonded Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). Hundreds of private and public clients have repeatedly selected Moss based on the flexible nature of the CM-at-Risk arrangement and our reputation for quality and integrity. This method is especially advantageous to owners of large, complex projects demanding the utmost attention to quality and deadlines.

Our attention to detail is unparalleled. Every project and every phase.

During the early phases of a project, we will serve as a consultant to the owner and architect to produce the most manageable and predictable product. By addressing challenges during development and design, we help avoid costly changes during construction, keeping the project on schedule and in budget. We will advise owners on whether to stay on course with a particular design concept, modify the design due to cost restraints, or spend more money to maintain or expand design goals.

During the construction phase, Moss works as a general contractor assuming the risk under a binding GMP. The CM-at-Risk method eliminates traditional client burdens, including administering multiple contracts and overseeing third-party liability.

We build a better team.

CM-at-Risk allows the flexibility to customize or “right-size” bid packages to attract a wider variety of subcontractors who wouldn’t normally bid on a large project, including disadvantaged contractors. As we work closely with subcontractors and stay on top of industry developments, we also provide owners with timely and pertinent information on the latest construction trends and technology.