Virtual Design & Construction


At Moss, we believe in using the latest in design technology to help make each project as efficient and streamlined as possible. We incorporate Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) as an integral part of our quality control, developing design, and construction documents throughout a project. VDC allows all members of the development team to visualize the project throughout all phases and ensure that requirements are met, and avoiding additional costs due to changes during construction.

VDC mockups are used to analyze proposed construction details, test for performance, and clarify the appearance of proposed designs for approval. Through virtual mockups, we can quickly determine constructability issues and provide design alternatives to ensure the most efficient outcomes with respect to time and costs.

An integrated VDC model can:

  • Evaluate the design early on in the process to review constructability of the project as well as means and methods for construction feasibility;
  • Review and ensure code compliance, value engineering, schedule and quality;
  • Provide logistical planning for construction of the building;
  • Verify design is made to fulfill targeted cost and schedule;
  • Discover inaccuracies and/or omissions in the design and construction documents;
  • Increase safety by reducing rework; and
  • Minimize capital expenditures and overall project financials.

Through the use of 3D modeling and coordination, construction professionals obtain an overview on how projects come together, remain coordinated and consistent, lessen complications, and save time and money during the lifecycle of the project. This process also allows building contractors to participate earlier on in the construction process to provide feedback and recommend solutions that will help develop the overall design. In addition, Moss provides consulting services to subcontractors whom are interested in integrating VDC into their workflow.