KEER America Manufacturing Facility

Moss was chosen for this design-build project for this client’s Greenfield cotton yarn plant, Phase One of the client’s first multimillion-dollar investment in the United States. The plant processes raw cotton into thread that is then shipped to China for further processing into products for consumer use.

The project, located in Indian Land, South Carolina, is built on a 145-acre site and includes a 253,000-square-foot work facility. Working closely with the clients and designers, the Moss site team completed site clearing and mass excavation, utilities and building foundations, and equipment installation.

Project Features

  • 253,000 square feet of facility work space
  • Lab work areas, locker room, and dining space
  • Process areas for raw material, production, and finishing and packaging
  • Support areas with chiller rooms, vacuum and air compressor facilities, and four built-in AC stations