Nova Southeastern University Guy Harvey Oceanographic Center

This waterfront research facility is an extension of the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography at Nova Southeastern University. Located within John U. Lloyd State Park in Hollywood, at the entrance channel to Port Everglades, it is home to the the Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Ecosystem Science (CoE CRES) and is the only research facility in the U.S. dedicated to coral reef ecosystem research. Funded in part by a $15 million stimulus grant from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the facility encompasses all disciplines required for integrated coral reef studies, including geospatial analysis and mapping, biodiversity, plant and animal studies, genomics, and hydrodynamics. The building helps CoE CRES significantly increase the quality and quantity of its research and education by replacing outdated facilities, increasing funding options by attracting world-class faculty, and fostering an entrepreneurial, multidisciplinary, collaborative culture through partnerships with other academic institutions and with federal and Industry partners.

To meet CoE CRES’s diverse research requirements, the building has a lab block with a “spine” of flexible, adaptable laboratory spaces capable of accommodating a wide variety of lab types, ranging from highly wet, seawater-based environments to dry spaces for data and image analysis. Alongside the rectilinear lab block, another block with a façade of sweeping glass arcs inspired by ocean waves contains a range of collaboration and social spaces, a research library, offices, and fieldwork staging and preparation areas. At the intersection of the glass waves are exterior terraces with water views, and interior informal spaces for collaboration and team research.

In conjunction with this project, Nova Southeastern University (NSU) awarded construction company Moss/Miller, LLC the Seawall Extension project for Phases A & B. The phases included construction of a new concrete seawall and wharf. The new construction served to further protect the western shoreline of the NSUOC site, which abuts the Intracoastal Waterway (IWW). Project scope also included the complete replacement of the existing boat basin bulkhead and fixed docks that presently support NSU’s staff and ongoing research efforts. Additional firms associated with the project were EDSA and DeRose Design Consultants.

In a design-build arrangement with construction company Moss/Miller, LLC.

Project Features

  • 87,000 SF
  • Marina
  • 100-seat multi-purpose auditorium
  • 1,485-ton thermal energy storage ice tanks
  • 15,000-gallon capacity seawater filtration rooms