Palm Beach County Jail Expansion Program

The Palm Beach County Jail Expansion is a multiphase project spanning three separate sites, with an overall budget of $267 million. The first site, with one million square feet, was constructed adjacent to an occupied and operating juvenile county detention facility, and included more than 1,000 inmate beds, a fuel station for county vehicles, and a bus maintenance facility. To construct this work, the 75-acre site had to have more than 700,000 cubic yards of unsuitable material removed and replaced with engineered fill. This involved excavations as deep as 15 feet that had to be performed near occupied buildings, through active parking lots, and in front of critical facility access points. Our team had to coordinate heavily with the facilities’ command staff to prevent impact to day-to-day operations. Turbidity barriers, silt fences, and other pollution runoff prevention techniques were constructed and maintained throughout the construction process. The second site, budgeted at $94 million, consists of a video visitation center, housing for 850 inmates, and a new stand-alone Palm Beach County Courthouse. Work on the third site, budgeted at $47 million, is scheduled to begin once the second site is completed.

Project Features

  • Renovated community outreach and drug program facilities
  • A fuel station for county vehicles and a county bus maintenance facility
  • 1,000 inmate beds on Site One with full support and court facilities
  • A Video Visitation Center on Site Two for inmate and public visitation
  • A new stand-alone courthouse to service central Palm Beach County