Trade Contractors
  • New Trade Contractors

    Outline Of Information You Will Need:

    Prior to filling out the Trade Contractor Information Worksheet, please have the following information available to be entered into or uploaded/submitted with the worksheet.

    1. General company information
    2. Contractor Score: Company Score Certificate – click to read letter from Scott Moss – follow this LINK to obtain your contractor score
    3. Signed W-9 form (upload and submit)
    4. OSHA Form 300A Summary – past three years (upload and submit)
    5. EMR verification – current and past 2 years from insurance broker (upload and submit)
    6. State/county disadvantaged business certificate (upload and submit if applicable)
    7. List of projects completed and references – see LINK A below (upload and submit)
    8. Trade information: work performed – 2014 CSI Master Format
    9. Insurance information

    LINK A – Projects Completed & References List

    Use this template to collect your list of completed projects and references. Your completed form will need to be uploaded/submitted to the Trade Contractor Information Worksheet.


    Miscellaneous Services/Rental Companies:
    For companies that provide misc. services or rentals (such as cleaning services, trailer rental, waste removal, etc.) please refer to the section called “TRADE INFORMATION” (a pull down menu). Please select the misc. services (Div. 01) which your company provides from the twenty-two (22) service packages that are listed. If your company provides services that do NOT fall under any of these descriptions, please select “01.0000.00 General Requirements.” Your company information will be linked to these “trade codes” for the services that your company provides.

    PLEASE NOTE that for ALL misc. services and rental companies, Moss will retain your company information in our misc. services directory for our operations group to use when purchasing these services. Your company will ONLY be contacted when such misc. services/rentals are being procured by our operations group.

    Thank you again for your interest in working with Moss. Please begin the Trade Contractor Information Worksheet by clicking on the link below:

    Please use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to complete the worksheet.

    Trade Contractor Information Worksheet link

    Help Desk – Technical Questions:

    If you are having technical issues with the Trade Contractor Information Worksheet OR the link to access it, please take a screen shot (if possible) of the issue or error and email it along with a brief description to: so we may resolve the problem.

    For General Questions:

    If you have general questions, please email your questions to

  • Active Trade Contractors

    Active Trade Contractors

    An Active Trade Contractor is a contractor working with or who has previously worked with Moss, OR who has completed the Trade Contractor Information Worksheet and has received an email from Moss classifying you as an Active Trade Contractor. If you have completed the Trade Contractor Worksheet and have not received an email, it’s likely information is missing. Please contact the Preconstruction Department by email:
    The Trade Contractor Information Worksheet MUST be updated every year for the Trade Contractor to remain active in our system (it’s quick and easy). The following information is needed when you update your information:

    1. Update and upload your Contractor Score. Please visit:
    2. Update your Trade Contractors Information Worksheet – click here
    3. Update and upload your OSHA Form 300A
    4. Update and upload your EMR verification – current form from insurance broker

    Thank you for your interest in partnering with Moss. If you have any questions, please contact us

Thank you for your interest in working with Moss. We partner with quality trade contractors who have a prime focus on safety & performance.

As a leading builder, Moss’ projects have both geographic and sector diversity. This allows for great opportunities for qualified trade contractors.

The purpose of the trade contractor information worksheet is to provide Moss with general information about your company. Moss has made efforts to keep this worksheet as brief as possible and it serves as the first step in the prequalification process.

Prior to signing a contract, and on a per-project basis, additional information may be required.

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